Last May – ending the drought

Ev Trout

It is hard to have a great angling reputation and then go on a cold streak. At Ascension Bay Bonefish few people can compare to Ev Trout’s presence on our hall of fame photo wall. He has caught not just a lot of Permit at the club over the last quarter century, but also has […]


Too much heat + Too much pressure looking for fish + Too many bad casts = a wacky theme song.

Japan Invades Ascension Bay Bonefish Club

To some, it seemed like an all out assault. To others, just a humorous diversion in the daily grind of a fishing club. What started as an idea to film the Grand Slam, turned into a quest to capture a Permit being caught on video, along with all the players involved in making it possible […]

Pied Piper Loses Flute for Guitar

You will know when Mike Milhorn is in town. Just look for the man with a guitar and a band of groupies following him around Punta Allen in search of his next performance. Another way to tell when he is here – its Permit season, although that is pretty much all year.


Carter McNichol with one of many Bonefish

The first day of flats fishing after a long, dreary winter in the Pacific NW is best enjoyed by easing into our flats fishing program at Ascension Bay Bonefish club [Permit, Permit and more Permit] with a relaxing day of Bonefishing. The multi shots to these ghost like rockets is just what the casting doctor […]