Who you calling “virgin?”

Ascension Bay Bonefish Club

Once one reaches a certain point and stature in life, the taunts and accusations from friends regarding the “virgin” subject seem to diminish with time. Yet, in the world of Permit fishing this couldn’t be any more of the opposite. As annual trips run there course, and seasons slowly stack-up over the years, one thing […]

Full Moon Fever :: So Much For The Theory

Full Moon Palometa

Theories are always aloof in the game of Permit fishing on the flats. From tides, temperature, water clarity, fly patterns, angler clothing selection etc… Of all the speculations, the full moon theory seems to be a universally embraced notion that during the end of a lunar cycle (aka. full moon) the fishing can be compromised. […]

Memphis Mafia relocates “Graceland”

With names like “Snapperhead” “Silky” “Cangrejo Mike” and “The Barb,” I knew this was going to be no ORDINARY week… And with reputation proceeding them, their performances fell nothing short of LEGENDARY! Here are few photos of this fabled foursome. The remaining details of this week are of an explicit nature, and may not be […]

Client Report : FEB 10-17, 2012

“ABBC did a fantastic job! Our group was very pleased with the guides, the staff was awesome and Jordan took very good care of us and his attention to detail was right on. We had some tough weather, cloudy for much of the time, but when we had sun, we made the fish pay. We […]

The Skies Cleared…

The COZ (aka. the sinner) leaves with me in the van to Cancun. The winds lets off a full ten miles per hour. The next day – SLAM! with a shot at the Super!!! Last day with no COZ, double on Permit… the stars aligned and the Permit God smiled.