Japan Invades Ascension Bay Bonefish Club

To some, it seemed like an all out assault. To others, just a humorous diversion in the daily grind of a fishing club. What started as an idea to film the Grand Slam, turned into a quest to capture a Permit being caught on video, along with all the players involved in making it possible […]

SPOOLED TV : Ascension Bay Part 2 : “Barracuda”

SPOOLED TV – Ascension Bay Part 2 – “Barracuda” from BCXHD Productions Ltd. on Vimeo. “Barracuda” is the second episode in a two part series featuring flats fishing in Ascension Bay, Mexico with guides from Ascension Bay Bonefish Club. Come pole the endless miles of flats with us as we search for barracuda and permit!