Last May – ending the drought

Ev Trout

It is hard to have a great angling reputation and then go on a cold streak. At Ascension Bay Bonefish few people can compare to Ev Trout’s presence on our hall of fame photo wall. He has caught not just a lot of Permit at the club over the last quarter century, but also has […]

Memphis Mafia relocates “Graceland”

With names like “Snapperhead” “Silky” “Cangrejo Mike” and “The Barb,” I knew this was going to be no ORDINARY week… And with reputation proceeding them, their performances fell nothing short of LEGENDARY! Here are few photos of this fabled foursome. The remaining details of this week are of an explicit nature, and may not be […]


Carter McNichol with one of many Bonefish

The first day of flats fishing after a long, dreary winter in the Pacific NW is best enjoyed by easing into our flats fishing program at Ascension Bay Bonefish club [Permit, Permit and more Permit] with a relaxing day of Bonefishing. The multi shots to these ghost like rockets is just what the casting doctor […]