Other Fishing Options


What really separates our fishery from most of the Caribbean is its vast diversity. Sure you will spend the majority of your time chasing Bonefish and Permit, but it is nice to options and lots of them.

TARPON: Although Tarpon are not as plentiful as in some other tropical waters, they are here, and provide some very exciting and acrobatic action. Fall is your best chance at them, however they are present the entire season. Most are baby Tarpon from 15 to 30 pounds with a few monster fish at over 80 pounds hooked each season.

SNOOK: The reclusive Snook are present in many areas of the bay. These are hard brawling fish that when not jumping, are hard to keep away from the mangroves.

BARRACUDA: The most overlooked player on the flats is the Barracuda. He is a very flashy fighter who will streak over to crush your fast moving fly, and will then leap all over the place trying to get rid of it.

JACKS: Jack Crevalle to be more precise. These brawlers would be considered a premier gamefish if it were not for their tendency to slam the first thing that hits the water near them or even right on top of them.

Other angling options are to fish along the immense barrier reef that protects Ascension Bay from the Caribbean. Casting to a wide array of hungry creatures is a great afternoon sport. Or fish the edges of the mangroves for Cubera, Mutton and Mangrove Snappers – plus Snook, baby Tarpon and Barracuda.

Interested in the Grand Slam or the Super Slam? ABBC is the place to try for a Grand Slam (Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon caught in one day) or even a Super Slam (the above plus Snook).