Permit Fishing

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The most powerful highlight of angling with us is our expertise at fishing for Permit on the fly. Permit are the saltwater equivalent of the Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon for the fly fisherman. They take some skill, persistence and a little luck, but once hooked the rewards run long and deep into the backing of your reel and your memory.

Ascension Bay acts as a nursery and giant feeding grounds for Permit. Because of the consistent depths and incredibly rich waters, the population and size of the fish are unequaled in the world. Many fishermen catch their first Permit at ABBC . Still others catch them over 30 pounds each season. In fact,Winston Moore, a world-class fly fisherman, has been very successful with us including catching and releasing a fish over 40 pounds in back-to-back years.

At ABBC, we love to wade for most of our Permit. Here the guides will help you out of the boat into waste deep, hard bottom flats and wade with you right into the perfect casting position. With single fish or small schools, the other guide and angler will stay in the boat and monitor the movements of the fish for the caster. On the bigger schools, both anglers will get out and literally corral the fish, giving you shots at double hook ups. While fishing from the boat is preferred and/or necessary, anglers can take turns at shots from the generous casting platform of our custom skiffs. Also, a private book can be arranged for the week at an additional cost. This must be done at the time of booking.