The satisfaction of catching a fish on a fly that you tied!

Permit may be the big game, but Bonefish is still our middle name. There are seemingly endless flats that stretch from ABBC for over a dozen miles southward. Most of these flats are hard packed white sand and provide easy wading and the perfect backdrop for spotting the elusive Bonefish. Some of the other flats are carpeted with turtle grass and dotted with mangrove shoots. These food rich Bonefish havens are best fished from one of our shallow-draft skiffs. The various flats have many little mangrove islands that act as nice wind breaks.

The Bonefish most often travel in schools, sometimes multiple schools on the same flat. These schools show themselves as areas of “nervous water” as they push over the flat. Even more exciting is the flash of shiny tails waving as they feed their way across the rich marl… perfect shallow water targets for a delicately presented fly.

Bonefish of Ascension Bay are very plentiful and are most often larger than in other areas of the Yucatan. However, unlike our Permit, they will never be contenders for the IGFA record books. Typical Bonefish are between two and three pounds, with some fish three to five pounds and just a handful in the five to eight pound category.