Ascension Bay Videos

When Permit Bite VideoWHEN PERMIT BITE
These are the toughest fish in the ocean to get to eat a fly. A feat worthy of the Gods themselves, and not meant for just any mortal to take on.

BONES - the trailerBONES – the trailer
Why the Bonefish Club got its name. A father and son step away from the mountains and wade the extensive flats of Ascension Bay.

Ascension Bay Bonefish Club video of the manager sneaking off to land a PermitManager’s Day Off
Every wonder what a manager does on their day off, especially their first day off?

Promo video shot onsite at Ascension Bay Bonefish ClubABBC PROMO VIDEO
A very short, but fun little video introducing our bonefish club in Ascension Bay.

Part 1: “Bonefish”, Canadian WebTV company BCXHD produced this two part series which was shot at ABBC.

Part 2: “Barracuda” the BCXHD’s series on ABBC. To their surprise, the Barracuda were more of a gamefish than expected.

Walker’s Cay Chronicles with host Flip Pallot ~ Part 1. This was shot back in 2002 with film cameras.

Walker’s Cay Chronicles ~ Part 2