Full Moon Fever :: So Much For The Theory

Full Moon Palometa
Theories are always aloof in the game of Permit fishing on the flats. From tides, temperature, water clarity, fly patterns, angler clothing selection etc… Of all the speculations, the full moon theory seems to be a universally embraced notion that during the end of a lunar cycle (aka. full moon) the fishing can be compromised. [we talk more about this on our Moons & Tides page]

Well, amidst the brightest full moon ever recorded during the current Mayan Calendar (slight exaggeration), our friends from Japan have brought six Permit to hand just three days into their week here at Ascension Bay Bonefish Club. Ichiro landed number seven today to help mark his birthday!

Bonus fish of the trip has to go to Eizo Maruhashi, with a 90 pound migratory Tarpon caught yesterday in the Bay. The fish jumped six times during the battle, and as Pepe was hoisting the beast for a photo the Sabalo jumped a seventh time hurtling both Tarpon and Pepe into the Bay!

With the current ideal weather conditions, reported to remain more or less the same, who knows what these guys are capable of?

Please stay tuned———-~

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