The Skies Cleared…

The COZ (aka. the sinner) leaves with me in the van to Cancun. The winds lets off a full ten miles per hour. The next day – SLAM! with a shot at the Super!!! Last day with no COZ, double on Permit… the stars aligned and the Permit God smiled.

Ascension Bay Super (Grand) Slam at A.B.B.C.

Ryan Hawks joins a very exclusive club with this nice Super Slam…

The Winston Grand Slam

After a long and frustrating afternoon trying to land a Bonefish two days earlier, David Ondaatje puts it altogether to score an Ascension Bay Grand Slam. Congratulations David!

Grand Slam & Super Grand Slam — Same Day!

January 7th, 2009 After a heinously early start from Cancun, what felt like a few thousand speed bumps, a quick interrogation by a uniformed boy with a machine gun, and a beach road that was in better condition than I remembered, I arrived at the ABBC. Hyped up on coffee and twisting road. In almost […]

9 pound Slam. 3, 3, 3… but still a SLAM