Guy and Sarah, Bill Freeman got a grand slam (permit-snook-bonefish) the last day of our stay last week. Attached are the pictures – his best day ever down there. I had a front row seat in the boat. Our weather was great each of the six days – what a gift that was. Thank you […]

Amazing Week…

Ascension Bay underwater Permit caught at Ascension Bay Bonefish Club - ABBC

Hello this is Richie Hemingway writing to thank you for the amazing week. We had a great time at the lodge and enjoyed every aspect of the ABBC experience. My Dad and I cherished our time with your patience and exciting captains and sweet, friendly staff. To top it all off, the food was amazing […]

Celebrating a quarter century in Ascension Bay

Dedication is first and foremost paramount while pursing Permit on the fly. There are a select few who can claim to have been fishing for Permit with a fly-rod for over 25 years. Ev Trout from Seattle, Washington remains an active reminder of just what defines dedication. Ev first travelled to Ascension Bay in 1988 […]

2013 Casting Clinic Highlights

The 2013 FFF Casting Clinic was a great success. Thanks again to the efforts of Master Caster Dusty Sprague for honing everyone’s skills and sharing a great week. To join us at the next one, visit this page for all the details – 2014 CASTING CLINIC

A Reel Screaming Success!

Ascension Bay Bonefish Club Permit face

With the third and final FlyMasters week in the history books, we take a moment to look back and reflect upon the many highlights that took place. If I was asked to describe in one word the past few weeks, I guess “variety” would come to mind. From Permit virginities, Barracuda round-ups, 4 mile Butan […]